Fresh Hazelnuts

A little information for you about our hazelnuts.
Although hazelnuts were introduced into Australia in the late 1800’s, to date they have only been grown only on a relatively small scale.

Australia’s current annual production is estimated to be approx. 15 ton of in-shell nuts. Hazelnuts are loved by Aussies, and in order to keep up with the demand Australia imports many tons (valued at least $7m) of these delicious nuts each year.

“Riverview” Hazelnut Orchard is 18 years old and is planted on grasslands along the Murrumbidgee River at the end of Wallaroo Road, Hall just outside the ACT border.

Some of the varieties of hazelnuts available for the picking are Felicia, Barcelona, Tonollo, Atlas, Halls Giant and Italian the last two being a smaller variety yet with a full kernel and sweeter taste.

The climate here is ideal for hazelnut production as it has a cool winter with frosts, and an annual rainfall of around 700 mm.

We pick February to March each year and look forward to you visiting then, bring the family for a special ‘pick-your-own’ hazelnut experience.

Currently, the cockatoos have taken over the picking of the hazelnuts, and they start late December…so by the time “harvest” time arrives, little is left for “pick your own”.    We are investigating ways to control them that do not impact on our neighbours.  In the meantime “pick your own hazelnuts” is suspended pending a suitable solution.

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